You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Work Here (But it Helps)

Did you know that if you own a nice suit, look professional, and can speak reasonably well you can play a CEO? No, not on TV, but Chinese companies hire fake European and American CEOs to come to their conferences, talk and mingle, and generally bring an air of the west to the east.

You can also be a professional bridesmaid or wedding guest, a professional mourner, or a professional cuddler. If you’ve got more patience than the average person, you could get paid to stand in line for someone else.

You wouldn’t think that golf balls are in such short supply, but courses employ professional divers to retrieve the balls that have gone into the rough and the waterways. You might need to retrieve that ball from an alligator who thinks it’s her long lost egg, though, so beware.

It may seem silly, but every product needs to be tested, from literally watching swabs of paint drying, to rolling around on mattresses and furniture, to sniffing paper towels. If you want a crazy job, it’s probably out there waiting for you.