Would You Have Been Hanged as a Witch in 1692? Find Out!

    I hate to say it, but if you were living in 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials, there is a good chance you might not have made it out alive!  Read on to discover the types of evidence used and laws that defined whether someone was truly a witch.


    Are You Poor?

    If you weren’t financially settled in the 1600s, you may as well have carried a sign around stating that you’re a witch.

    If you were seen wandering around and begging, a neighbor who had want or reason to get rid of you could just state that they thought you were a witch because of your unsavory behavior.

    You are Old.  Or Young.

    It really doesn’t matter the age – any difference could be used as a reason to declare someone as a witch.  Older, unmarried women were especially suspect, and younger folk who are simply too young to understand that just pretending to be a witch could be used as a confession to actually being one.

    You Love Makin’ Babies

    Sure, people did have more children back in the day – but some women were deemed to be too fertile.  This especially became an issue if they happened to live near a couple who had problems conceiving.  You could have easily been accused of stealing their babies into your own womb.

    Are You a Woman?

    Odds are, according to folk that lived way back when – if you’re a woman, you’re FAR more likely to be a witch than if you were a man.  You know, since women are so much more likely to sin and associate with the devil n’ all.

    It was even worse if you dared to have a handful of friends that you chose to hang out with all at once.  Groups of women who didn’t have a male tagging along were deemed to be a coven with the intent to worship Satan.

    You Are Easily Angered

    Do you have a tendency to get into arguments, or a penchant for debate?  Watch out!  If you gave anyone ANY reason to dislike you, they could very easily report you as a witch.

    In other words, your Facebook status could have literally hanged you!

    You Broke One of the Rules in the Bible

    There were certain rules in the Bible that Puritans needed to follow, and breaking any of them could have revealed you as a witch.  Here are a few examples:

      • You could not have braided hair, or a haircut in a rounded shape.
      • No touching of a pig carcass was allowed.
      • If you allowed yourself to be raped, you are probably a witch for causing the other person to act.
      • You committed adultery.
      • Your clothing could only be made from one type of fabric, no mixing.
      • You were not allowed to plant more than one type of seed in a given field.
      • If you allowed a witch to live, you must also be a witch.

    If you’ve ever been guilty of any of the things mentioned above, then sorry.  You are a terrible, terrible being who obviously deserves to have met your fate.