Why Buy Samoas When You Can Have Mamoas? TASTY!

It’s Girl Scout cookie season yet again, in case it wasn’t obvious from your Facebook wall being flooded with various cookie purchase requests lately.

Just imagine if instead of seeing the usual box of Girl Scout Samoas, you noticed Jason Mamoa’s oh so delicious gaze encouraging you to buy what should apparently be the tastiest cookies known to mankind.

Girl Scouts of Colorado

5th Grade Marketing Genius

This amazing creation came to fruition thanks to fifth grader Charlotte Holmberg.  What better way to stand out from the competition than to offer a product that no sane person could possibly turn down?

It now makes sense how Charlotte was able to become a Top Cookie CEO, which is the title granted to Girl Scouts who sell the most cookies.  Thanks to her mother’s help, she was able to turn plain old Samoas cookies into the glorious Mamoa cookies that are shown below.

Girl Scouts of Colorado

Statement from Child That Everyone Now Loves

When questioned by 9News about why she decided to feature Momoa, Charlotte replied, “The girls will wanna buy some because he’s on the front.  And the boys will also wanna buy some because he’s like… he might be like their favorite character.”

She also added the obvious, stating, “The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them.”  Yes, they do need them.  I can confirm.

The Girl Scouts’ national headquarters have also made a statement to Mashable about these gloriously amazing cookies:

“She has sold her supply and is no longer using the image to sell cookies,” the organization stated. “Charlotte and her troop use their cookie earnings to give back locally—including donating the money to enable Colorado girls in need to afford to become Girl Scouts, as well as collecting thousands of school supplies for students in need.”

As of the time of writing, Jason Momoa has not made a public statement about his newest gig.