Weirdest Old Time Weight Loss Strategies

Think the “good old days” were better than they are now? Maybe – but not everything. If you wanted to lose weight a hundred years ago, doctors had a very different set of suggestions for you.

In an ad in 1928 for Lucky Strike cigarettes, it was suggested that smoking instead of snacking was a healthy way to lose weight. And sure, maybe smoking will help you cut back snacks… but we know now it will also causes lung cancer.

Doctors turned to drugs very quickly back in the day. After World War II, amphetamines were prescribed on the regular and only stopped being so common in the late 1970s. Speed was regularly prescribed for weight loss – seriously!

Have you heard of the Grapefruit Diet? Even I had heard of this, but it’s crazy – also called the Hollywood 18-day Diet, it popped up in the 1930s. This diet suggests you eat… wait for it… grapefruit. Seriously, that’s all! Well, grapefruit and an occasional hard-boiled egg. So, no, crash diets are not something ‘new’!