Weird, Fun Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The world is certainly strange, which the following weird and fun facts more than prove!  If you’re ready to increase your trivia knowledge, or if you’re simply curious – read on.


Weird and Fun Facts

If you’re male, be wary of lighting as you’re six times more likely to be struck than a woman is.

Southern sea otters have an interesting trait – they have pouches located under their forelegs that they can use as pockets, and they often store their favorite things inside them, such as food and little rocks.

If someone is snoring, they are not dreaming at that time because it is impossible to do both.

Do you know how Coca-Cola is brown?  That’s because food coloring is added to disguise the natural color, which is green.

Speaking of soda, studies have shown that up to 48% of soda from soda fountains contain fecal matter, and 11% contain E. Coli.

Have you ever wondered how much a cloud weighs?  Let us satisfy your curiosity:  a single cloud can easily weigh as much as 1 million pounds!

Bob Marley’s very last words, which were said to his son, were, “Money can’t buy life.”

Do you believe that there are aliens walking amongst us, disguised as fellow humans? Fear not, as you’re not alone.  One in every five adults believes that this is a reality.

If you’re a McDonald’s fan, know that if you eat there often, you’re labeled as a “heavy user” by the company.

As tiny as moles are, they are capable of some pretty incredible feats – such as being able to tunnel for 300 feet in a single night’s time.

Wanna burn some quick calories?  Banging your head against the way for one hour can burn up to 150 calories.  If you’d prefer a less painful but prolonged method, you can burn 11 calories per hour by chewing gum.