Weird Facts About Common Pests You Might Not Know

Did you get a six-legged surprise this spring, too? We found ants in our kitchen, and it was the worst – until I discovered friends had giant jumping spiders in their basement. So… it could have been worse, I guess. If you’re battling your own bugs now, I’ve got some interesting facts for you to know and share.

Have you seen the swarm of kissing bugs that take over the south in the summer? Yeah, they’re not as romantic as the name suggests – instead, they bite and suck blood from humans or animals as they sleep.

If you’ve got a cockroach in your apartment, there’s a good chance it’s a German cockroach, the most common found in homes. They can run a staggering 3 miles an hour.

Think that’s bad? The African honey bee – also known as the killer bee – has been known to chase someone upwards of a quarter of a mile once they’re excited and aggressive. Yeah, a quarter of a mile. At that point, the bee would just win.