Vikings Injuries in Preseason Likely to Hamper 2018 Season

The Vikings are off to a rough start already, and the season hasn’t even started yet! On Saturday against the Jaguars, the Vikings had no less than 6 players cede the field for various injuries. The final score didn’t land in their favor, either: they lost 14-10.

These injuries may have a long-term effect on the team, too, as they could set them on the wrong foot heading into the season. What’s up with all these Vikings injuries?

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The Injuries

Three of the injuries required the players be carried off for medical attention. The first was Cedrick Lang, an offensive lineman who injured his leg during the game. Fullback Johnny Stanton also suffered a leg injury that resulted in him being carted away. Ade Aruna, a defensive end, also received an injury to his knee that caused him to require immediate attention.

Josh Andrews, a center, took an ankle injury in the third quarter that made him ineligible to play for the rest of the game. Jeff Badet took a serious blow to the head in the fourth quarter that brought concerns for the likelihood of a concussion.

As such, he’s under concussion protocol for the time being. Finally, in the first quarter, Mackensie Alexander suffered an injury to his ankle that took him out of the game.

Keep in mind, this is in addition to Mike Remmers, Pat Elflein, Nick Easton and Rashod Hill, the four starters who were already missing the game due to various injuries.

The Bigger Picture

Across the board, the Vikings have lost entirely too many players to injuries so far and the season hasn’t even started yet. While it’s hard to pin down exactly why this is happening, one can’t help but wonder if conditioning coaching isn’t quite up to par.

The Packers ware having similar issues, and in their case, conditioning is the issue. While football is a dangerous game, and people get hurt, there’s plenty the Vikings could do to mitigate the damage to their players.

More than just hurting them as a team as they go through a revolving door of offensive players, this cavalier attitude is negatively impacting the perception of the sport. Many consider football to be brutal and downright barbaric, its mistreatment of its players swept under the rug.

Studies have shown that football players are at an absurdly high risk for degenerative brain disease. A franchise like Minnesota having six players go down in one game to various injuries hardly helps improve this perception.

Vikings Injuries effect on the Season

These many players being off the field will cause the Vikes to reach pretty deep into their reserves to fill the holes. Whether the players themselves are strong is less relevant than how they operate as teammates.

The time and practice needed to get a team on the same page simply won’t be there before the season starts. Here’s hoping they figure it out in time for the opening games, for their sake!