Venomous Snake Found in Teenagers Inhaler

On Monday, a teenager was in for the surprise of her life when she found a highly venomous snake in her inhaler.  She lives in a rural town in Australia.

An animal catcher went to the home had discovered a small snake had crawled into the breathing machine.  It is suspected to have snuck in through washed clothes brought in from outside.

The animal catcher found a red bellied black snack inside the inhaler.  According to the Australian Museum, the red bellied species is “one of the most frequently encountered” on the east coast of Australia.

They are linked to a number of bites on humans every year but are considered to be a “shy snake” that will only attack when under severe distress, it said.

The museum said the species will typically try to flee to the nearest exit if approached, but if it is harassed it can lash out and deliver a rapid, but often “clumsy,” bite.

Its venom has both blood thinning and paralytic effects, with symptoms in humans including bleeding, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.