Valentines, Smalentines! The Absolute Worst V-Day Gifts Ever

It’s Valentine’s Day!  This is the day where your loving partner spoils you beyond belief… or at least, that’s what most people might expect. However, in the stories below – that isn’t exactly what happened.

If you love your significant other at all, please do not do any of the following. You will regret it. Trust.


Love From… Your Pet

If your partner gives you a framed photo of your pet, and even worse…  makes it a gift from your pet, you might want to start asking questions.  Talk about a non-gift!

Any Household Appliance

If your loved one presents you with any sort of home appliance, such as a vacuum, trash can, broom or mop – it is time to run for the hills.  There is nothing loving about being expected to clean.

A Fancy Jewelry Box

If you’ve been dating for a while, the worst possible gift to give someone is a fancy jewelry box.  You know they’re going to expect you to pop the big question, and when you don’t?  Total and utter letdown.

A Little Too Personal

Although giving your significant other a locket filled with your own hair might kiiiiinda sound loving, it really isn’t.  It is super gross.  Like really gross.  Don’t do this.

Boring, Plain Gifts

You need to put a little thought into gifts given on Valentine’s Day, people.  If you’re giving the love of your life a coffee mug, there’d better a box of chocolates, a movie ticket and a bottle of wine attached!

Your Mother’s Perfume

Maybe you really love the way your mom smells (though that’s creepy as all get out), but never gift your loved one with the same scent.  They do not want to smell like your mother.  Seriously.

Valentine’s Day Breakup

Yes, this really happens.  If you plan to break up with your partner, save that for BEFORE Valentine’s Day, not after. And if you can’t do it until after the big day, you can always gift a nice kitchen appliance!