Unnecessarily Gendered Products: a Hilarious Collection

Surely by now, you’ve seen some unnecessarily gendered products. You know, the pink razors that cost more than the blue ones, or the body wash made specifically with men in mind.

However, one Twitter user recently started a thread about unnecessarily gendered products, and the things she posted are pretty funny.

men's bath bombs grenade bath blaster
@themouseyouknow via Twitter

Men don’t use bath bombs, they relax with grenade-shaped bath blasters, instead.

glue sticks
@themouseyouknow via Twitter

Now you can have pink glue made especially for ladies.

gender specific kids toy binoculars
@themouseyouknow via Twitter

Everyone knows that girls would much rather have “girly girl” binoculars. It helps us see better.

men's bread
@themouseyouknow via Twitter

I didn’t know that bread could be so manly.

bible for boys
@themouseyouknow via Twitter

Did you know that only boys can read this version of the bible?

Other Users Have Chimed in, and the Results Are Hilarious

lint roller for men
@akielon via Twitter

Does cat hair stick to men’s clothing differently?

gendered restaurant menu
@baekbink via Twitter

Look, everyone knows that women just can’t eat beef or chicken products. They need their own menu.

pens for women
@coldroses2when via Twitter

Ladies can’t have regular pens, either.

keenex tissues for men
@CrimsonG_Shep via Twitter

On the same account, men really need man-sized tissues to blow their noses.

lighted men's mirror
@Dinosaurs_tho via Twitter

And men certainly can’t be bothered to look at their reflections in a regular woman’s mirror, right?

gender specific gift cards
@gurneemd via Twitter

Men and women need different gift cards, because everyone knows that only women are allowed at Bed Bath & Beyond, and only men are allowed to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings.

pink ear plugs on store shelf
@ibelieveinher via Twitter

I have been dreaming of the day that I could “sleep pretty in pink.”

tough guy and little princess snacks
@jakeoftales via Twitter

Creepy skulls for tough guys, and cute strawberries for mommy’s little princess!

dude wipes
@mizumomochi via Twitter

Dude wipes! For dudes who can’t wipe with regular flushable wipes.

man's can drink
@NatashaVomit via Twitter

Women, don’t you dare try to crush your thirst with this man’s can!

bible for girls
@nova__imperator via Twitter

Girls don’t need the whole book, just this perfectly pink collection.

men's makeup labeled war paint
@sahleia via Twitter

War paint: for men who want to wear makeup without admitting that they’re wearing makeup. Any other way just wouldn’t be manly.

men's yogurt ad
@SheepPuppet via Twitter

It’s true! Men no longer have to eat that regular yogurt that’s been on grocery store shelves all these years.

men's pocky chocolate snacks
@tealkunn via Twitter

Is this a men-specific flavor? Does it taste like monster truck exhaust and raw steak?

soup for champions and queens
@Textonia via Twitter

How would you know which kind of soup to get, if they weren’t so perfectly labeled?

girl's pretend cleaning cart
@XxxDoodlez via Twitter

“Girls Only”

gendered pickles
@12pt9 via Twitter

The “girl” version is “crunchy and lovely,” while the “boy” version is “crunchy and powerful.”