Unique Delivery Service Brings an Italian Grandma to Cook in Your Home

Have you ever been sitting around your house trying to figure out what you’re going to eat for dinner, and all you really want is some delicious homemade lasagna from grandma’s house?

There’s a beer company that has taken it upon themselves to solve that problem for people living in London and Brighton, UK. Seriously.

Deliver a Nonna Service for Italian Food

A Unique Food Delivery Service

Italian beer company Birra Moretti is launching a new kind of food delivery service that is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you found out about it. People living in London and Brighton can “book a nonna” to come to visit their homes between July 22nd and 27th and prepare a legit Italian feast.

Yes, You read that correctly. Birra Moretti is launching a “Deliver-a-Nonna” service. They will send an Italian grandmother to cook in your home. The nonna, which is Italian for “grandmother,” will arrive in a Moretti-branded car to “cook up a storm” in your own house.

Nonna’s Bringing Everything to Make a Three-Course Meal

Nonna and her Moretti-branded vehicle come equipped with everything needed to create an authentic Italian home cooking experience. According to the company, the nonna who arrives at your home will use “fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients” to whip up a delicious three-course meal, and then she’ll serve each course to you at your own dinner table.

On top of that, nonna is here to help you learn to cook. If you’re hoping to pick up some new skills in the kitchen, your delivery grandma is ready to share traditional Italian skills and her best-kept secrets. Now, making fresh tomato sauce from scratch will be a breeze in the future!

Birra Moretti’s “Deliver-a-Nonna” service is a part of the brand’s mission “to bring more people together around tables in 2019.”

Moretti’s “BYOT” Restaurant

If you thought “Deliver-a-Nonna” was an odd food-related innovation from a beer company, Moretti recently created another unique experience. They launched a BYOT restaurant–that stands for “bring your own table.”

Diners who visited Trattoria Birra Moretti were treated to a free six-course dinner cooked by famous Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, so long as they showed up with their own table. This strange dinner concept popped up in London’s Covent Garden in mid-June.

Much like the “Deliver-a-Nonna” service, Moretti is hoping to bring people together around a table, and they say that “it’s not about what kind of table you’re gathering around, it’s about bringing together the people who matter most.”

If you’re like myself and happened to miss the event (because I’m nowhere near London), I heard they’re offering the recipes on their website.