Trump Facts: Trump’s Morning Routine

Any successful CEO will tell you that their morning routine really makes or breaks the productivity of their day. It’s almost preachy, how often you will read about successful businessmen getting up at 5 am to cycle or do pilates and meditate before starting their day with some brain-food smoothie. Donald Trump, current US president and self-proclaimed successful businessman, has a different take on morning routines.

According to aides close to him, Trump gets up before 6 am every day. He then spends the next five hours doing personal work, which apparently includes watching the news and sending a lot of Tweets – experts note most of his tweets come during this time.

His official White House workday starts around 11, with security briefings, meetings, and more. Around 12:45 he breaks for lunch… which is his first meal of the day, despite being up for hours.

Trump has no official workout ‘plan’, but says he gets ‘plenty of exercise’ going to and from buildings and in his daily life.