Totally Weird Ancient Antics That Actually Happened

With all of today’s technology, it is really hard to imagine the crazy antics that our ancestors practiced a few mere centuries ago!  Some of the things they did are bizarre beyond words.

Read on, and be glad that you’re alive in this moment.  Some of these are just wow.

Selling Sons into Slavery…  But Only Three Times


In ancient Rome, fathers were allowed to sell their sons as they had absolute rule over their families.  They were only allowed to do this up to three times, however – otherwise they were not considered a good parent.

If the person they sold their son to decided they didn’t want him any more, the son would go back to their father.  Just imagine those family dinners.

Public Poopers

Imgur | CowboyScientist

Yep.  You’ve got to hand it to those ancient Romans…  they certain led interesting lives!  I guess it only makes sense that they’d create public restrooms where they could discuss those lives more fully while in the company of others.

Even though nowadays women tend to have the longer lines for public restrooms, I imagine the lines were longer for the men’s rooms back then.  But wait, they didn’t have cellphones, so I might be wrong.

Leaden Locks With a Touch of Sulfur

Wikimedia | Carole Raddato

It isn’t uncommon for men to want to run their fingers through their lady’s hair…  but I imagine it wasn’t so common way back when.

Ancient ladies were known to douse their locks in sulfur and other corrosive solutions in order to achieve many different colors.  It wasn’t exactly good for their health, but boy, did it help make them popular!

If Woman, No Cry

Wikimedia Commons

Sorry, ladies.  If you lived during ancient Roman times, you were not allowed to cry at funerals as it seemed too unsightly, and invoked emotions too strong to reflect the supposedly quiet life that they citizen should have lead.

This wasn’t always true, however.  Before the new custom came into effect, it wasn’t uncommon for families to hire special women to weep and create quite the spectacle at funerals.  This would often include having them rip out their hair and scratch their cheeks until they bled.

Now I’m starting to see why the more quiet funerals became preferred.

Glass Breasts


It kind of brings new meaning to the term “raise your cups!”, huh?  Way back when, women went the extra mile to make themselves appear more attractive, which included doing some pretty odd things to enhance their breasts.

To make their breasts appear larger, women would undergo surgery that involved different materials in order to make this happen.  Those materials included glass balls, ivory, ground rubber along with other “fillers”.

Evil Trapped Spirits Drilled from Heads

Wikimedia Commons

Medicine back then wasn’t quite up to today’s modern standards.  It was believed that some diseases were caused by trapped spirits that resided inside of people’s heads.  Of course it only made sense that in order to remove said spirits, they would need to be drilled out.

In order to cure a headache, why not give them the experience of a true headache?  Problem solved!