Top Video Games That Will Get You Through the Lockdown

    Are you sick of having to stay home yet? Yeah, us too. However, the one silver lining of staying home so much is that you’ve got plenty of time to play video games.

    So, if you’re looking for something to play to fill some time during this extended stay-at-home stint, then here are some games you should definitely take for a spin.

    Video Gaming

    Destiny 2

    One of the ultimate time sinks, Destiny is among the most polished first-person shooting games ever made. From legendary studio Bungie, the game is gorgeous, slick, and eager to gobble up hours of your time. If you’re stuck at home, you can certainly sink a lot of free time into this epic shooter.

    In Destiny, you take the role of a Guardian, a revived hero from a distant age who is infused with an energy called “light”. That light fuels your abilities, be you a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock class.

    These powers include the ability to summon a lightning crash on your foes, a gun made of fire that can kill things with one shot, or a massive black hole you can fling at enemies.

    No Man’s Sky

    While No Man’s Sky was hotly anticipated before launch, the game disappointed greatly when it came out. The game’s promise, of a massive galaxy you can explore, came up hollow when the game released.

    The promised galaxy was huge, but empty and devoid of things to actually do. This led to many players who hyped the game up walking away shortly after it released.

    However, in the intervening months, the game’s developers have delivered quality updates to stuff the game full of fun and engaging content. Now, the sandbox game is a different beast than the one that was launched.

    If you’re looking for a wide, open world to explore and discover at your own pace, No Man’s Sky is the kind of game you’re looking for.

    Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection

    A collection of 3D Mario games that comprise three of the best games of all time, all for $60, might sound too good to be true. However, that’s what Super Mario 3D All-Stars is.

    Whether you’ve played through these games in the past or not, you can sink countless hours into finding all of the hidden secrets and Power Stars in these stellar adventures.

    What was likely supposed to be a massive year to celebrate Mario’s 35th Anniversary was interrupted by the pandemic. However, this game represents some of the best Mario adventures ever made, and we’re just happy to see it finally hit the Switch.