Things That Dog People Will Never Understand About Cats

Ahhh, cat people and dog people.  Will they ever get along?  Part of the problem is that dog people simply don’t always understand cats, and cat people don’t always understand dogs.

I mean, cats run around power yodeling, and dogs think nothing of what they lick, or the sound they make while doing so.

Both of which they like to do conveniently around 3 in the morning while you’re trying to sleep.  That aside, read on to see what baffles dog people the most about cats in general.

Why Dog People Will Never Understand Cats


(there’s a dog behind me, isn’t there?)

They Don’t Automatically Love You

Instagram | Itsaskippy-cat

While dogs can have the tendency to declare anyone that gives them the slightest bit of attention their newest best friend EVER, cats are simply not like this.

You have to earn their trust and affection and give them the reins in every and any situation.  They prefer to dominate, not surrender.

If They Fits, They Will Sit…  Wherever They Please

Instagram | Baconcup

While dogs are usually designated to certain sleeping spots, cats refuse to adhere to any silly human-made rules.  Wherever the sun shines, or where the smallest of boxes lie…  a cat will be happy to claim that land as their own.

Who cares that the top of the door is only half an inch thick?  It really is the purrfect perch to keep watch on all that is below said cat.

You Need to Be on Their Terms, Not Yours

Instagram | Mrs.Holisco

Do you ever feel like just grabbing your cat and cuddling with it for hours?  Yeah, that isn’t going to happen if kitty doesn’t want it to.  Cats prefer to approach you on an as-needed basis, which usually seems to go hand in hand with dinnertime.

They are also terribly inconsistent.  One moment they’ll beg you to rub their tummy, only to become a trap a few moments later.  If they wanna bite, they’re gonna bite – and cats seem to love doing so for no reason.  They’re just love bites, you know?

Beasts With a Need for Sleep

Instagram | Kevinkittycat

While your dog might usually set their waking hours around your own, that simply isn’t going to happen with a cat.  They go by their own clock, which involves a great deal of sleeping while being awake at the most inopportune of times.

Who cares that you have a presentation the next day at work you need to be well-rested for?  The cat’s needs come first.