The Weirdest, Most Wonderful Stuff People Found Hidden in Houses

stuff found in houses

Have you ever found anything strange in a house after you moved in? I’ve only ever found cobwebs and—once—an old newspaper. But these people found incredible treasures and disturbing artifacts hidden in houses!

A 50-Year-Old Safe

A couple discovered a safe hidden inside the kitchen wall of their new home. Can you guess what was inside? A bottle of bourbon from 1960, a bizarre book called A Guide for the Perplexed, and just over $51,000 in cash.

A Lost Masterpiece

A home in Norway was hiding an incredible secret in the attic. The owners discovered an original Van Gogh oil painting. With my luck, all I’d find is a family of angry possums.

A Vintage Comic Book

There are probably a lot of adults who deeply resent being told to get rid of their comics when they were kids. But whoever stashed this particular comic book in the wall of an old house literally gave up a fortune.

The new owners demolished the wall only to discover Issue No. 1 of Action Comics from 1938. You know, the first ever appearance of Superman. The rare comic netted a sweet $175,000 at auction. But that’s nothing to what the next people found hidden in an old house!

A Huge Fortune in Cash

When construction workers found half a million dollars hidden over the home they were renovating, it kicked off a major battle. Who deserved to keep the money? The workers relied on the “finders keepers” argument, but legally the cash belonged to the homeowners.

A Giant Game of Monopoly

It’s a well-known fact that there’s always hardwood under ugly old carpet. At least that’s what always happens on home makeover shows! In this case, the homeowners pulled up the carpet to reveal hardwood floors with a twist. Someone had painting a giant Monopoly board on the floor. Do you think the new owners tried playing it?

The Greatest Game

If you thought the Monopoly board was weird, get a load of this! When the new homeowners decided to redo the floors of their recently purchase home, they found something truly odd. Over 4,000 game pieces were hidden under the floorboards! The stash included wooden chess pieces, old playing cards, and more. (Check out the image above!)

Ancient History

This one is a three-way tie. This kind of weirdness doesn’t often happen in America, where most of the buildings are less than a hundred years old.  But in other parts of the world, homeowners have discovered historical treasures beneath their feet—or behind their walls.

First, there was the Guatemalan family who discovered gorgeous Mayan murals in their kitchen. Then there’s the couple who discovered an underground chapel beneath their home that looks a lot like someplace you’d discover a vampire.

But one of the strangest things people found hidden in houses is the nice retired couple who discovered a medieval well directly underneath their living room. They were so proud of the find that they decided to show it off with a window looking down into the eerie depths.