The Other Side of Cell Phones – Things You Didn’t Know

Let’s face it, everyone has or has used a cell phone. Do you remember when having cell phones were only for the rich and famous?

Well, times have since changed and there are many facts and amusing parts that people may not know.

Amusing or Interesting – What Do You Think?

Did you know that the first cellphone that went on sale in America sold for $4000 in 1983, which would be roughly $9000 in current US dollars? That is one expensive cell phone.

Another thing you may not know about cell phones is that most actually hold 19 times more bacteria than a toilet handle. Research has shown that more people have cellphones than they do a toilet. Isn’t that kind of crazy?

The fact that cell phones are more commonly used than people having access to a toilet is kind of a brain scratcher.

However, a bigger brain scratcher is the fact that cell phones have more computing power than what was used in the Apollo 11 moon landing.