Summer Vacations, Changed: Socially Distant Summer Plans

This summer is going to look a little different than most will, according to experts. The global pandemic isn’t going anywhere, after all, so we can expect more of masks in public and social distancing. But how can you have a fun summer vacation, with these restrictions?

Public pools might be closed, but private pools aren’t! If you’ve got a friend with a pool, barter goods – like lawn care, baking, dinner, and more – for a few hours of swimming and relaxing.

Summer BBQs are the perfect socially distant get-together. Keep food covered, and assign one person (with a mask!) to serve, instead of doing buffet-style. Disposable plates and silverware, plus cups, are essential… but they’re also standard on most BBQ days anyway!

Hiking and camping are great weekend activities that don’t involve anyone but your own family! Hiking is as easy as lacing up your shoes and going – camping takes a little more, but tents aren’t expensive, and last a long time. Perhaps 2020 will be the summer of outdoors and nature!