Silliest Quirks that Celebrities Do On the Regular

Being a celebrity means having attention on you at all times, so people tend to notice both the good along with the bad – whether the celebrity wanted that kind of attention or not.

Here are a few of the strangest things that some of the most well-known celebrities are guilty of doing.  Some of these are just, wow.


Britney Spears

Everyone knows about some of Britney’s craziest antics – like how she shaved off all of her hair during a public meltdown, but she has a not-as-crazy habit as well.  Biting her fingernails.

This doesn’t sound so bad except that it is quite severe in her case, causing her to avoid close-up shots of her fingernails.  She often opts for manicures that help prevent her from nibbling as often as she’d like.

Johnny Depp

I think most people would already assume that Depp has plenty of quirky habits, but would you ever guess that he has an obsession with dolls?  Barbie dolls, in particular.

He has many limited editions of these dolls, some of which include likenesses of Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce.  He also admits that he loved to play dolls with his daughter.

Cameron Diaz

Diaz has a very obvious fear of germs.  Because of this, she never opens doors with her hands and chooses instead to use her elbows.  She also refuses to touch doorknobs for the same reason, and easily becomes nervous in public, resulting in goosebumps.


You probably don’t hear as much about Eminem these days, and there is a good reason why – he prefers to avoid scandal, and keeps mostly to himself.  He is also obsessed with security and will check all of the windows and doors in his home before falling asleep.

Speaking of falling asleep, he feels that he cannot get a good night’s rest without having the walls be completely black.

Jennifer Aniston

We’ll keep this one short and sweet – just like Aniston herself!  Before boarding any planes, she insists on stepping over the threshold with her right foot, and her right foot only.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

If there’s one thing that Catherine loves most in life, it is strawberries!  Yes, strawberries.  Lots and lots of strawberries.

She loves them so much that she even uses strawberry toothpaste, and will even add sodium bicarbonate to strawberries while eating them to help aid in whitening her teeth.