Strangest Bulk Items You Can Purchase Online and In-Store!

You really can buy just about anything online these days!  Could you imagine buying any of the items listed below?  I can think of one or two I might personally be interested in, but I have no earthly idea where I’d even keep them if I did!

Are you ready to see this stuff?  Get ready for your mind to be blown.


27 Pound Tub o’ Mac n’ Cheese

Talk about a mouthful!  The next time you’re hankerin’ for bountiful bites of cheesy, gooey goodness that you just can’t get enough of, then head on down to Costco.  They now sell their macaroni and cheese in six-gallon mop buckets.

Even better?  It will last up to 20 years if the bucket remains unopened, and only costs $89.99.  That’s quite a bargain if you ask me.

I mean, look at this glorious thing:


72 Cases of Water

Yes, an entire pallet consisting of 1,872 bottles of water, at the low, low price of just $448!  I guess that might help prepare you for any future zombie apocalypses.  Or, you know… if you get really thirsty.  Or need to fill a pool.

See, the possibilities are limitless!  You can find this beauty at Sam’s Club.

105-Inch TV

The Superbowl is coming up, you know.  For the incredibly low price of $25,000, you too can have a gigantic 105-inch television in your own home.  Even better, this can be purchased directly from Amazon.

If you don’t mind a smaller, but “better” tv, they also have an 85-inch television available for just $45,000.  What a steal!

As one Amazon reviewer puts it, “My wife told me if I bought this she’d never speak to me again. Finally, I have some peace.”

Four Pounds of Tuna

I mean, you can never have enough tuna, right?  Costco sells 66.5oz cans for just $14.30.  Considering a single can is enough to make 67 tuna sandwiches, you’ll be set for just about any event where you’re required to feed people.

People who don’t mind the venue smelling a little fishy, anyway.

55 Gallon of Lubricant

I almost feel sorry for even mentioning this one.  So.  Uhm.  If you ever find yourself in need of a huge amount of lubricant, Amazon sells 55-gallon tubs of Passion Lubes for only $1300.

Valentine’s Day IS right around the corner, in case you need any special ideas.