Spotify Launches Podcast and Playlists For Your Pets

In case you ever feel guilty for leaving Fido at home alone all day while you’re at the office, Spotify has a little something to help ease your conscience.

golden retriever dog listening to headphones
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Spotify Releases Pet-Centered Podcast and Playlists

The Swedish audio streaming site has dropped a podcast and a range of playlists aimed specifically at soothing lonely pets, so now we can all feel slightly less terrible every time we kiss our pets goodbye and head to work each morning.

The new podcast is aimed at calming dogs that are at home alone and was developed along with animal experts. It runs in two 5-hour stretches and features ambient sounds like rain, relaxing music and very reassuring human voices telling stories and giving dog-directed praise.

It’s actually being voiced by two British actors you might already know: Ralph Ineson from HBO’s Game of Thrones, and Jessica Raine from BBC’s period drama Call the Midwife.

Spotify claims that your dog may bark less and sleep more if they spend their alone time listening to the pup-centered podcast.

Pet Playlists Are Actually Based on Owner’s Musical Tastes and Pet Species

The pet playlists are “algorithmically curated”–and they aren’t just aimed at dogs, either. They are based on subscribers’ own musical tastes along with your pet’s species and personality traits. You can then add a name and photo to their own personal playlist, which could be incredibly helpful for owners with more than one pet.

The streaming service knew that they were on to something. They conducted a study to see how pet owners use music with their pets, and (unsurprisingly) found that 71% of pet owners surveyed said they play music for their pets. The study included 5,000 pet owners across the U.S., U.K., Australia, Spain and Italy.

According to Spotify’s survey, they also discovered that most pet owners think music helps keep their pets company, boosts their happiness and relieves stress.

They’re right, by the way. There have been plenty of studies done by professionals over the years that show music can have similar effects on our pets that it has on us humans: it helps reduce anxiety levels and can help them better cope with loud noise and other psychological stressors.

Sure, there’s nothing that could ever replace the company and presence of a pet’s owner. But if we have to leave, at least we can give them a little extra comfort while we’re gone.

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