See the Winner of this Year’s World’s Ugliest Dog Contest!

Each and every year, the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is held to determine which dog is… well, the ugliest dog in existence.  Or at least, the ugliest dog who actually participated in this contest.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “so ugly that they’re cute!”, and that certainly applies to the adorably ugly doggos featured in the images below.  If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, you can see who the big winner was!

Do you have a favorite, or do you think another dog should have won?  Do you have an even uglier dog that can put these dogs to shame? Let us know and we might feature them in an upcoming article!

Wild Thang

NbcNews / Jeff Chiu / AP

Do you have the song stuck in your head now?  Because I certainly do.  I seriously hope they played it as this gal entered the stage!

Also Wild Thang

NbcNews / Monica M. Davey / EPA

I mean, you can never have too many “Wild Thangs” in an ugly dog contest!

Tee Tee

NbcNews / Josh Edelson / AFP

It looks like he’s saying “tee hee”, doesn’t it?

Rascal Deux

NbcNews / Josh Edelson / AFP

What a little rascal, indeed!

Mrs. Kravitz

NbcNews / Jeff Chiu / AP

This little chihuahua gal is standing in front of judge, Brian Sobel hoping that he’ll see the beauty of her soul.


NbcNews / Jeff Chiu / AP

What a perfectly fitting name for this big guy!


NbcNews / Josh Edelson / AFP

This Neapolitan Mastiff was the winner of last year’s World’s Ugliest Dog contest!  She took the stage before the new year’s winner was announced.


NbcNews / Josh Edelson / AFP

Who needs to be the most beautiful dog when you have such a wonderful smile?


NbcNews / Jeff Chiu / AP

This cute Chinese Crested mix is being checked out by judges Jo Ling Kent and Debbie Abrams.


NbcNews / Josh Edelson / AFP

Himisaboo is a Chinese Crested wiener dog, who thinks she should be the winner, not a wiener!


NbcNews / Monica M. Davey / EPA

At the age of 14, Daisy just wants to take a nap instead of dealing with all of the contest hubbub!

Zsa Zsa

NbcNews / Monica M. Davey / EPA

And finally, here we are, with the big winner!  9-year-old Zsa Zsa took home the $1500 reward after this year’s contest in Petaluma, California.  I’m sure her owner, Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, was thrilled!

Seriously, who could say no to that adorably ugly face?