Ridiculously Difficult Riddles – Are You Smart Enough?

Okay. We’ve been challenging our viewers lately with a few riddles, but you haven’t seen anything yet! The riddles below have been determined to be more difficult to solve than most – so are you up to the challenge? Are you as smart as you think you are? There’s only one way to find out.

After you’ve tried to solve each riddle, scroll down to see if you’re correct!


Ridiculously Difficult Riddles

A. Each day many people from all over the world come and visit me, however they usually only stay for a few minutes. I am considered by many to be very dirty yet few people would want to live without me. And, whenever people come see me, they reveal to me a part of themselves that they rarely show to others. What or who am I?

B. Mary and Jackie went on a vacation. They both got their own separate hotel room. The rooms have no heating and Jackie was really cold but Mary was not. Without adding any clothing or wrapping herself in any other material or using any fire for heat, what did Mary do to stay warm in that cold empty room?

C. Which of the following is the largest? Triangle, circle, square, or rectangle?

D. Sometimes I shine, sometimes I’m dull, sometimes I am big, and sometimes I am small. I can be pointy, I can be curved, and don’t ask me questions because even though I’m sharp, I’m not smart enough to answer you. What am I?

E. A limo driver is going the wrong way down a one way street. He goes past four police officers along the way, yet none of them stop him. One even smiled and waved. Why didn’t the police stop him?

F. Four very obese women, one from Egypt, one from Lebanon, one from Sudan, and a British women became very sad when they lost 30 pounds. Why would they be sad?

G. If pentagons have five sides, octagons have 8 sides, decagons have 10 sides and hexagons have 6. How many sides does a family of 3 have on their dining table?



A. A toilet.

B. Mary huddled in the corner of the room where it is always 90 degrees. (think about it!)

C. Rectangle, as it has the most letters. Gotcha!

D. A knife.

E. Because the limo driver was walking, not driving.

F. Because in their countries, “pounds” are currency – not a measure of weight.

G. That depends on how many side dishes are being served… hardy har har!