Ready for Mandalorian Season 2? Here’s a Quick Recap of the First Season

    Are you ready for Mando Season 2 on Friday? We know we are! If you’re stoked to jump back into the Galaxy far, far away then you might need a quick recap of what happened in the first season, though. Needless to say, numerous spoilers for literally all of season one are ahead.

    The Mandalorian
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    The Man With No Name (or Face)

    When we’re introduced to our nameless protagonist, he’s just out bounty hunting and trying to make a living, catching baddies for a bounty chief named Greef Karga. Things change, however, when he’s charged to bring in an infant of an unknown species for an imperial holdout.

    During the course of his attempts to retrieve the baby, Mando is aided by an Ugnaught man named Kuill. That infant, known only as “The Child” (baby Yoda to the internet) is latently powerful in a form of magic called “the Force,” which saves our hero’s life in a battle with a vicious Mudhorn.

    Upon returning to the Imperials, the bounty hunter collects his payment, a sizable sum of Beskar steel. Rather than leave the infant to the Imperials, however, the Mando blasts through stormtroopers and rescues his young charge, deciding he’ll take the payment and the baby. This starts a series of events that put him on the run from Imperial loyalists and fellow bounty hunters alike.

    Gathering Allies

    After his (currently) nameless clan comes to his rescue, the Mando sets out on various adventures, looking for a home for himself and the kid. He meets former Rebel soldier Cara Dune, who helps him defend a village of locals from vicious raiders in possession of salvaged Imperial vehicles.

    After running from raiders and bounty hunters for some time, Mando decides to gather his allies and take the fight back to the Imperials. He convinces Kuill and Cara to help him after he receives a message from Greef Karga.

    A New Foe

    A battle ensues around the Imperial holdout sector, and Kuill is killed by stormtroopers. A new villain, Moff Gideon, attacks the heroes and we finally learn Mando’s name: Din Djarin. Din is saved by a reprogrammed bounty droid, finally giving him some closure in his longstanding hatred of droids. In a high-flying battle involving a TIE fighter, Din defeats Gideon by bringing the ship down.

    Cara and Greef bid Din farewell as he promises to find somewhere he and the Child belong. As an ending stinger, we see Gideon produce the Darksaber, the legendary weapon of the first ever Mandalorian Jedi, and use it to cut his way out of his downed TIE fighter.