Quick Hits: MLB News from the Week

Major League Baseball is in full swing, having just crossed over the halfway mark of the season. As we draw closer to the end of the season, every little development magnifies in importance. With that in mind, we’ll be taking a quick look at some quick hits of MLB news.


White Sox Receiving Inquiries on Rodon

Carlos Rodon, the White Sox starting pitcher, has been stirring up a ton of interest, apparently. According to reports, the Sox are getting numerous inquiries regarding their starting pitcher. His last two starts have been quite dominant, and interest in him is way up. However, Rodon’s contract has him under Sox control until 2021.

As such, the odds of the Sox being in any hurry to put him up for trade are pretty low. If his hot streak develops into overall dominance, the Sox will likely opt to keep Rodon on as a star starter for their defense. The only thing that could change this would be the unlikely event of a ridiculous offer of an established star player.

Rich Hill Pitches Seven Scoreless Innings into the Braves

In a surprising seven-inning blank, the Dodgers stymied the Braves. All seven scoreless innings had Hill in rare form, pitching a wide variety of killer balls down the field. Hill’s dominant performance against Atlanta led to an 8-2 win for the team on Thursday.

Mets Sign Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson, sporting solid stats and an exceptional beard, has been signed to the Mets. Jackson comes in to give the Mets some much-needed outfield depth as they’re missing Yoenis Cespedes to a heel injury and Juan Lagares to his foot injury. Both of those players are expected to be out for the season.

Not to mention, Jay Bruce is currently on the sidelines with a hip injury, with no clear timetable yet as to when he’ll return.

Cardinals Release Holland

Jeff Holland, who cost the Cardinals a cool $14 million, is being released. Holland cost them a pivotal draft pick, as well. Over his 32 appearances, he’s gotten a 7.92 ERA. That’s certainly not how I’d want to spend $14 million, so their scrapping him makes sense. He might find another team to click with, but for now the future is uncertain for the veteran reliever.