Pigcasso Hogging the Spotlight at Sanctuary in South Africa

Move over Jackson Pollock, there’s a new Abstract Expressionist taking the world by storm.

Her name is Pigcasso, and she’s a fat and fabulous pig! As the world’s only painting pig, Pigcasso is definitely an original.


From Flabulous to Fabulous

She was rescued as a piglet from a less than savory fate in a slaughterhouse in 2016. She was brought to an animal sanctuary in Franschhoek, in South Africa’s Western Cape region.

The pig’s new owners soon noticed she had a love of color, and paint brushes.

“Pigs are very smart animals and so when I brought Pigcasso here to the barn, I thought how do I keep her entertained?” said Joanne Lefson, who runs Farm Sanctuary SA. They tried keeping her entertained with toys like soccer balls and rugby balls, but she basically ate or destroyed everything.

By a stroke of luck, the barn was newly built, and there were paintbrushes lying around. The pig loved them. They were apparently the only thing she didn’t destroy.

She was soon dipping the brushes into pots of paint and making masterpieces. Pigcasso brandishes a paintbrush in her snout, and enthusiastically tosses her head to create bold, bright strokes across her canvas.


A Moody Artist

Apparently, her painting style changes slightly depending on her mood, just like any other great artist.

Art Connoisseurs are invited to invest in a Pigcasso. Pigcasso paintings can sell for upwards of thousands of dollars, and all of the proceeds go towards animal welfare. She even has her own website, although all of her paintings have already sold out!


She’s taken the world by storm, from Saturday Night Live, to CNN and BBC, to a Skyline Nissan ad and a Swatch watch face. You read that right! Swatch announced a collaboration with the pig. They released a limited-edition watch, “Flying Pig by Ms. Pigcasso,” featuring green, blue, and pink brush strokes.


Pigcasso is on a mission to paint a better picture for the planet. Her owners are hoping that she inspires consumers to see farm animals in a new light, creating a connection and creating a more sustainable world for all kind.