Perpetrator Breaks into Home, but Doesn’t Steal Anything

A perpetrator in Massachusetts that broke into a home last week definitely made a “clean” getaway.

Homeowner Nate Roman, 44, who lives in Marlborough, MA, came home from work on May 15th to find that his home had been broken into. Whoever entered his home didn’t have to break anything to gain entry, so Roman said that it’s possible he forgot to lock the back door.

So what’s so strange about this break-in?

Nothing Was Stolen, but the Beds Were Made

After inspecting his home, he found that nothing was missing, but the entire place had been cleaned really well.

Toilets were scrubbed, the rug was vacuumed, beds were neatly made, and the perpetrator had even left behind ornate origami roses on the toilet paper rolls. The only room in the house that was left untouched was the kitchen.

Nate Roman

Yeah, you read that right. Whoever entered Roman’s home while he was gone didn’t steal a single thing, they just cleaned it really well. Except for the kitchen, apparently.

Do you think this cleaning bandit is available to hit up my home while I’m out picking up groceries tomorrow? Because my bathrooms could use a good scrubbing and there don’t ever seem to be enough hours in the day!

The Perpetrator is Still Unknown

The homeowner, Roman, still has no idea who entered his home to clean it. His theory is that a housekeeping service may have mistakenly gone to the wrong address, and entered through the door he accidentally left unlocked.

At least he finds the humor in it. “It’s funny now, but didn’t feel funny at the time,” Roman said. “I kept the toilet paper roses as souvenirs.”

“Weird and Creepy”

Regardless of how funny it is now, I can imagine that sinking feeling of realizing that someone’s been in my home while I was away. That’s probably why Roman went ahead and reported the incident to the police, describing this unusual break-in as “weird and creepy.”

According to Marlborough Police Sergeant Daniel Campbell, this is the only incident of it’s kind in the area. The department hasn’t heard of any other situations like this one. “We have not received any reports similar to this in other locations, and we have no suspects at this time,” Campbell said.