People Who Sort of Look Like Adam Sandler

The internet is good for a lot of things. We can use it to make sure that we’re saving money and getting the greatest deal. We use it to keep in touch with people, even after they have moved halfway around the world. We can even use it to answer just about any question we will ever have about anything.

And while all of those things are great and important or whatever, I’d like to point out another great use for the internet. There is a Facebook group out there that is devoted to “alternate universe” Adam Sandler lookalikes.

I Didn’t Know They Were Making Jack and Jill 2

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

See what I did there?

Sort-Of Adam Sandler is in a Band

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

Apparently they’re called King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. They’re from Australia, which is like, the only way I’ve never head of Adam Sandler’s secret band.

Speaking of Bands

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

I’ve never noticed that Maynard Keenan bears a striking resemblance to America’s greatest comedic actor in the history of American comedies.

Did Adam Sandler Write a Cookbook?

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

If this really was Adam Sandler, maybe he wouldn’t have been standing in the middle of a McDonald’s yelling for someone to get that kid a Happy Meal.

He’s Just a Bar Fly Like the Rest of Us

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

Just kidding, that’s just Alternate Universe Adam Sandler.

B-Side Sandler is Rehearsing For His Next Tour

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

Do you think he’ll play “The Chanukah Song”? I know it’s an oldie, but it’s still a good one. Really gets me in the holiday spirit.

The Real Life Waterboy

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

After Bobby Bucher shows up at the half and helps the team win the state championship, he goes on to play professionally with the Buffalo Bills.

Young Store-Brand Sandler

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

In an alternate universe, this is what the Other Sandler looked like in college. Looks like he’s not sleeping much.

A Game of “Things the Real Adam Sandler Would Say”

@sortofadamsandler via Facebook

That’s how you know this isn’t really Adam Sandler.