People Are Throwing Away Their Stimulus Checks Because of THIS Reason

Are you still waiting on your stimulus check? Most people had their IRS stimulus checks cut well over a month ago, and for many of us… well, that money is long gone. But if you’re still waiting for yours, we’ve got some bad news: you might have actually thrown it away.

Seriously! If you didn’t have a bank account on file with the IRS, it’s possible you were sent a debit card with the $1,200 preloaded. All you would have to do is make a phone call to activate the card, and you got your money. The problem?

These cards were sent in plain white envelopes, and the information inside didn’t exactly scream official government correspondence. Many people glanced at the debit card, which looked like any other “limited time offer”, and tossed the whole thing away.

The IRS will potentially reissue this money, though – log onto the IRS site to check the status of your cash, and if you can get another card.