Peep These Strange and Hilarious Sightings on the Subway

The subway (in any city, really) is a strange place where strange becomes the new normal. Heading down to catch a train, you should be prepared for anything.

Life is full of surprises, right? Here are some of the most peculiar, bizarre, and funny things spotted on subway trains.

Causing Quite a Racket

Trying to Keep Up With All Those Millennials

Do you think he was afraid they might fall out? Wouldn’t you notice when you weren’t hearing your music anymore?

A Good Knight to Take a Ride on the Subway

Freak on a Leash

This is likely the most bizarre thing I’ve seen on a leash.

My Spirit Animal is This Man

Maybe the Shirt Was on Sale?

Wait, this shirt looks familiar. I think my husband owns it.

I am Iron Man

Did you think Robert Downey Jr. thought we might forget who he was? I can’t imagine another reason he’d board the subway in a Marvel shirt.

What Happened Here?

Peep This

Best Buds Riding Together

This must be a case of an owner making sure their dog “fits in a bag” so they can ride the subway.

It’s a Mr. Clean Convention


That doesn’t look like a book to me. Do you think someone named her “Books?”

This Reminds Me of College More Than I’d Like to Admit

You should close the pen before you use it as an impromptu hair accessory, though.

“I’m Sorry”

I’m not sure what this guy is done, but I sure hope his partner likes pizza. I have to admit, I’d be inclined to extend forgiveness.

Halloween Came Early This Year

Making the Best of a Sticky, Hot Situation

This person is a genius and I hope they know it.

A Bad Case of Crabs

They are Twins, That is Why

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

boredpanda.comBut really, the best part is that he still has a beer in hand.

Did Einstein Discover Time Travel?

Maxed Out on Octoberfest

Poor bros in their matching shirts had one too many steins this year.

I’m Glad I Never Ran Into This Guy

A Guaranteed Seat, No Matter What

Was It National Penguin Day?

“Maybe They’ll Think I’m One of Them”

The Infamous “Balloon Bandit”

He apparently makes balloon animals and quickly goes back to his book.

Please Tell Me This is an Art Installation

When You Snap a Pic at the Perfect Moment


I’m assuming that this shirt was made on purpose. I also know that I need it.

The Car of My Dreams

A car of snacks is a car where I belong.

I Heard Dogs Are Allowed if They Fit in a Bag