Out of This World Facts About Outer Space

    When you look up into the sky at night, it is virtually impossible to comprehend all of the who’s and why’s about how everything came to be.  However, there are a few things that humans have discovered about outer space that are simply too incredible to believe!

    Read on to discover a few of those facts, and keep them in mind the next time you go stargazing.


    It’s Oh So Quiet

    The thing about outer space is that there is no atmosphere, and since sound waves need something to travel through, that means that space is absolutely and completely silent.

    Thanks to Earth’s atmosphere and air pressure, that means we’re able to hear plenty!

    You Are My Sunshine

    When you think about how amazingly big our solar system is, you might be really surprised to learn that the sun accounts for an astounding 99 percent of it.  That is the very reason why the planets so strongly gravitate towards it.

    Unfortunately, this means that our own planet’s demise is tied to when the sun loses it’s shine and becomes a red giant.  Thankfully this won’t happen for at least another 5 billion years.

    So Metal

    Thanks to a phenomenon called cold welding, if two pieces of the same metal were to meet in outer space, they will bond together.  This is because the atoms inside of those metals have no way of knowing that they aren’t the same, so they end up joining together.

    This doesn’t happen on Earth because water and air exist to keep the pieces separate.

    100 Million Years

    Of course, you know about the footsteps that the Apollo astronauts left on the moon, but did you know that they’re estimated to be there for at least 100 million years?  This is thanks to the fact that there is no wind or water on the moon to erode them.

    However, they aren’t going to be there forever because of “micrometeorites” that are constantly pelting the moon.  They’re just going to take a very, very, very long time to do it.