Olive the Bedazzled Pigeon Is Homeward Bound

In news that’s too weird not to be true, Olive the rhinestone-wearing pigeon found her way home after two weeks of being separated from her family. Pixar, get on the phone! Here’s your next hit movie.

bedazzled pigeon

A Family of Pigeon Fanciers

When it comes to pets, some people like dogs or cats. Other people gravitate toward exotic reptiles. Marlette Fernando, of Phoenix, Arizona, prefers pigeons. In fact, Marlette loves her pigeon, Olive, so much that she made a custom bedazzled vest for the bird.

To be fair, people dress their dogs up in far weirder outfits. And without that rhinestone-studded vest, Olive would never have made it home.

Olive Flies the Coupe

Apparently, Marlette was taking Olive for a ride in the car–something a totally normal, sane person might do–but when she opened the door, the dang bird flew away. The Fernando family was frantic to find their lost friend, but Olive seemed to be long gone.

So distraught were they that Marlette’s husband, Norman, wrote a poem about the experience:

My throat closed, heart, dropped, I confess

Dark the sense of loss I possess…

Birds of a Fallen Feather

The situation seemed hopeless. Little did the Fernandos know that Olive had landed in Glendale, Arizona, about 10 miles from home. Thankfully, a local woman knew to take the lost bird–who, remember, was wearing a blinged-out waistcoat–to the rescue center Fallen Feathers.

Jody Kieran, the director of Fallen Feathers, couldn’t believe it at first. “I’ve never seen anything like this, and I’ve been doing this for 20 years,” Jody told NPR.

We can’t believe it either, Jody.

Apparently pigeons are a little bit like people–their teenage years are full of rebellion. Jody explained that teenage birds tend to act out. That might explain why the pampered pigeon decided to pull an escape act.

Unfortunately, Olive wasn’t very good at fending for herself. Jody recalls that the bird’s feathers were “beat up very badlyand that Olive was malnourished after her ordeal. Jody grew fond of the bird as she nursed it back to health, nicknaming her “Liberace.” But she didn’t expect to find Olive’s family, as reunions are rare in lost bird cases.

Facebook Does Something Good for a Change

bedazzled pigeon

Photos of the bird in her custom rhinestone vest went viral on Facebook. It wasn’t long before a friend of the Fernandos saw the post and contacted Marlette. The bedazzled pigeon was joyfully reunited with her family, and all was well with the world.

“It’s such a beautiful story, especially at this time of year,” Marlette told NPR. “We’re all so tired of sad stories and depressing news. We needed a happy ending.”

We could not agree more.