Oh Baby! You’ll Never Guess What Was Making This Dog Sick

A 3-year-old bulldog is finally back with his family after a Boston animal hospital finally figured out what was making him sick for months.

Mortimer the bulldog was suffering a mysterious illness

The bulldog, Mortimer, was initially taken the Angell Animal Medical Center by his owner, Emily Shanahan, to find out what was causing his nausea and vomiting.

Mortimer was diagnosed with an acid reflux-related condition that should have gotten better with medicine.

Mortimer’s Condition Didn’t Get Better

But when Mortimer’s symptoms got worse instead of better, Shanahan knew that something wasn’t right. Poor Mortimer’s whole personality had changed.

He stopped following her around the home, he spent a lot of time sleeping away from the rest of the family and eventually stopped eating regularly.

Veterinarian Found a Surprise When They Gave Mortimer an X-Ray

Mortimer was taken back to the Angell Animal Medical Center, where veterinarians performed an X-ray on his stomach. That’s when they finally discovered what was making him so ill.

Mortimer had ingested nearly 20 baby pacifiers.

Mortimer ingested 19 pacifiers

Oh, Baby!

Apparently, Mortimer’s family has two small children, and Mortimer took a liking to their pacifiers. According to Mortimer’s primary veterinarian, Doug Brum, he like started gobbling up the kids’ pacifiers in April one at a time, when the cycle of nausea and vomiting began.

Shanahan said that she was shocked when she learned what was really making her beloved dog sick. “Even though I have two small children at home, I’d never imagined he was eating their pacifiers.”

Dr. Erika De Papp performed an endoscopy on Mortimer, and successfully removed all 19 of the pacifiers that he had eaten. And Emily says that Mortimer has fully recovered from the whole ordeal, and is finally back to his normal self.

Quick Action From Family Saved Mortimer’s Life

The fact that Mortimer’s family rushed him to the vet at the first sign of illness, and then continued to pursue veterinary care when he didn’t get better, is the reason that Mortimer was able to make his way back home healthy.

According to Brum, the procedure came right in the nick of time to save Mortimer’s life.

It sounds like Mortimer is pretty lucky to have such a loving family watching over him! But I hope for everyone’s sake, the kids can manage to keep their pacifiers away from Mortimer in the future.