Odd Facts About the Most Popular Brand Names

Ah…  the brands we all know and love, that we can recognize at a moment’s notice without even realizing it.  Did you know that some of the most popular brands have a very strange and interesting background?

Here are some of the most incredible facts about popular brand names that you won’t believe are actually true!


Mountain Dew

This is one of the United State’s most popular sodas, though it seems it was even more popular back in the day.  It was often used as a mixer with moonshine that was made after-hours by workers. It was even used as a slang term for moonshine.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Although the name contains the word Philadelphia, that doesn’t have anything to do with where the cream cheese comes from, or how it was produced.

Philadelphia was simply considered a “high quality” place for food products, so it was believed that attaching the name would make the brand more trusted.


This product is actually the reason the word “halitosis” even exists, as it was created purely as a marketing term to help promote Listerine.  The original use of Listerine was to treat gonorrhea as a surgical antiseptic.

Oreo Cookies

Even though Oreo cookies are known to have many knockoffs, Oreos are actually a knockoff themselves!  Hydrox cookies are the true originals.


This company is widely well known for their video game franchise, and of course – Mario and Luigi!  Thing is, they started out with making playing cards.

They then moved on to become a hotel and taxi company, and then later became a toy manufacturer in the 1960s.  It wasn’t until 1974 that they first started producing video games.


This isn’t really a brand, but it is an interesting fact.  The next time you go down the cereal aisle at your local grocer, check out the direction the character’s eyes point in.  They point down – at their targeted market. Children!

3 Musketeers

The version of this candy bar that we all know these days contains just a chocolate creme inside. This wasn’t always the case, however.  Before WW2, there were also layers of vanilla and strawberry creme.  Those flavorings became so expensive during the war that they switched to chocolate creme only and decided to stay that way.

Similar happened during WWI.  Nutella was invented solely as a cheaper chocolate substitute thanks to the rationing that occurred during that time.