NFL News: Training Camps Open

The new NFL season isn’t far off, now! What better indicator of that than the opening of training camps for the season? And with training camps open, we have some news from the teams to help you shape up your early draft picks.


McGuire’s Foot Injury

Elijah McGuire, a running back for the Jets, has suffered a broken foot. Reports indicate that this will keep him out of the game for at least six weeks. Many reporters were expecting McGuire to take serious spotlight away from Jets RB Bilal Powell.

As such, hopefuls like rookie Trenton Cannon could be taking McGuire’s place on the field. Another potential replacement could be Thomas Rawles, who played for the Seahawks. In light of this news, the Jets signed RB George Atkinson III.

What Luck

The Colts QB Andrew Luck has been seen on the field at training camp! He wasn’t expected to be on the team’s roster this early in the season. Luckily for Luck, he avoided PUP list designation and according to reporters who’ve seen him play, he looks rock-solid.

With him back on the team and feeling healthy, the Colts are worth watching. T.Y. Hilton, the Colt’s WR, is surely pleased to see their star QB back in action. Last season, when Luck didn’t play, Hilton ended the lowest he’s been in statistical rankings since his rookie season.

Contract News

Julio Jones, the Falcons WR, managed to holdout long enough on his contract that he managed to have it renegotiated. For his trouble, he’ll be seeing another $2.9 million. Not bad for arguing with his boss, huh?

In other contract news, Delanie Walker, TE for the Titans, has signed on for another two years with them. As he’s turning 34, some thought that he might not play again next season, but that’s clearly not the case now.

Training Camps Open: Injury Roundup

Terelle Pryor, WR for the Jets, is still recovering from an ankle injury. As such, he’s seeing limited practice in order to not agitate his injury. If he is to be able to participate this season, he’ll need to make a hasty recovery.

Calvin Ridley, the Falcons rookie WR, took a minor hamstring injury but returned to practice the next day. Randall Cobb, who plays WR for the Packers, is reported to have had ankle surgery in the off-season. Reports say that he’s completely healthy now, so his surgery shouldn’t have any impact on his performance this season.

Finally, the Cowboys WR Cedric Wilson has a torn labrum. It’s unclear whether the injury requires surgery or how it will impact Wilson in the season. However, this is yet another obstacle for the Cowboys’ receiving, which needed anything but another injury.