Mystery in Henrico: Virginia Residents Receive Strange TV Deliveries

Would you like to wake up to a free television at your front door? Sounds like a pretty good delivery to most of us, right?

Well, residents in one Virginia neighborhood might tell you to rethink that wish after it happened to them.

tv man delivers vintage tvs to unsuspecting residents

Residents Woke Up to Unusual Deliveries

More than 50 unsuspecting residents in the Hampshire neighborhood of Henrico, Virginia received some strange deliveries this past Sunday morning. They woke up to find vintage box televisions sitting at their front doors. You know, like the old tube-style TVs that we all used to have in our homes.

Most residents were confused at first, thinking it might be a delivery of something that they ordered. But once they opened the door for a closer look, they realized they were just old televisions.

The fact that someone has collected over 50 of these TVs seems pretty ridiculous to me. I mean, who has the time to collect so many of these things? And more importantly, who has the storage space for over 50 bulky tube TVs?

Video Doorbell Surveillance Shows the Culprit

While all of this seems strange, it gets weirder for sure. The deliveries have been caught on film from some residents’ doorbell security cameras, and the surveillance footage shows who is responsible.

The TVs are being dropped off by a guy dressed in a jumpsuit and wearing a television on his head.

Residents Left Confused Over Motive of TV Man

Most residents find the prank kind of funny, thinking that bored college students are probably responsible. But it has left them a little confused as to the purpose. “I can’t think of any technology or political point that would be valid here. It’s just a senseless prank,” one resident told a local news station.

Henrico Police, along with Solid Waste Divisions, removed more than 50 TVs from residents’ homes. Lt. Matt Pecka with Henrico Police says that they believe there is more than one person responsible for the prank.

TV Man Strikes Again

The best part about the TV porch dumps is that this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Last August, more than 20 families in the Grey Oaks subdivision of Henrico also woke up to find vintage televisions on their front porches. The motive has never been revealed.

“He’s committed to his trade,” homeowner Jim Brooksbank said.