Most Disgustingly Awful Animal Facts You’ll Wish You Never Read

Ah, nature.  It is all kinds of beautiful, but it also has plenty of gross!  Most of the things mentioned below aren’t things you’ll see in most nature documentaries, and there’s a pretty good reason why.

Are you ready to never think about animals the same way ever again?  Start scrolling!


Psycho Kitties

Your kitties care for you so very much that if they kill something, they’ll want to lovingly share it with you.  Actually, they share because they think you’re pretty incompetent yourself, and you need help.  Yep, that’s their true motive.

Killer Quacks

Speaking of animals that like to kill, you can include ducks in that number! What? Ducks, you say?  Believe it or not, ducks can get so bored that they’ll start killing each other and eating their friends to help alleviate that boredom.

So if you have pet ducks, try not to let them get bored, mmkay?

Feisty Falcons

Wow, falcon breeders really go to the next level in order to keep their birds happy.  Or at least, to ensure that they’ll uhm, acquire the proper specimens in order to be able to breed more falcons.

They “imprint” themselves upon their male birds by doing mating dances and calls at them, in an attempt to arouse them.

Stressed Scorpions

Or at least, I’d be pretty darned stressed if this happened to me.  When scorpions lose their tails for one reason or another, this isn’t a good thing at all, considering this also means they loose their means to poop.

Because their tails never grow back, the poo stays contained until the scorpions essentially overfill themselves and will literally explode.

Manliest of Monkeys

Here’s hoping you never get into an altercation with a proboscis monkey!  When they get angry, they show it in many ways… such as shaking branches in trees, baring their teeth and baring their, uhm…  manhood.  (monkeyhood?)

The thing about these monkeys is that they’re always erect normally, and need no special circumstances to make this happen.  So when they get mad, it is even MORE obvious because they’ll literally spread their legs and thrust themselves towards you.

Now that I’ve left you with such a fantastic mental image, I’d like to remind you that I did give you fair warning that you’d wish you never read this.