Louisiana Woman Arrested for Odd Illegal Side Job

One woman in Louisiana has been arrested for running an illegal side-gig to make some extra cash, but her hustle may not be what you would expect.

Kids have probably been trying to find a way to skip school since, well, schools came into existence. I know that when I was in high school, it was definitely a thing. But just skipping can wind up getting you into trouble, right?

belinda fondren louisiana woman arrested writing fake doctor's notes
Vernon Parish Sheriff Department via Facebook

Well, one woman in Louisiana offered a solution to those delinquent students looking for a way to rack up absences with an excuse.

Phony Doctor’s Notes

Belinda Gail Fondren, a 52-year-old woman from Evans, Louisiana, was arrested recently for providing high school students with phony doctor’s notes for the low price of $20 a pop.

According to the Vernon Parish Sheriff, Fondren worked at a medical clinic in a clerical position, which is how she had the ability to forge the doctor’s notes.

After two students in particular at Evans High School racked up 14 excused absences accompanied with the doctor’s notes, it finally came to the attention of the Vernon Parish School Board. That’s when the physician received a call.

The physician from the medical clinic told deputies that he did not treat the students, and he certainly did not authorize the excuses.

Though it is unclear how Fondren initially began her new, um, entrepreneurial endeavor, it has been reported that Fondren’s daughter attends Evans High School, so she does have at least some connection to the school.

High School Students Say It Was Common Knowledge

After authorities finally figured out that the students weren’t even patients of the physician in question, they finally tracked down Fondren as the source of the notes.

According to official reports, the fact that she was selling these fake doctor’s notes was common knowledge among the high school’s students. I am willing to bet that most of those kids have no problem gossiping, so it likely wasn’t too hard for authorities to figure it out.

Sheriff Craft said that Fondren was selling the phony excuses for $20 a pop.

She was arrested on October 23rd, and was charged with filing or maintaining false public records. Her bond was set at $15,000.