Is This the Worst Tinder Date Ever?

We all know that online dating is, at best, a nightmare of unending horrors. But this British woman went on what might be the worst Tinder date ever.

worst tinder date ever

Just Wait—Things Get Dark in a Hurry

Things started innocently enough. Her date told her he had a surprise planned—and, like a normal human being, she assumed the surprise would be a good one. His-and-hers rock climbing, maybe, or a visit to a cat café.

Then he told her to wear a black dress. She was excited now—it sounded like he had something fancy planned. Expecting a posh evening out with her date, the poor woman dressed up and waited for him to pick her up.

Did They Take a Wrong Turn?

Her date kept their destination a surprise until after they were already in the car. So when he pulled up into a funeral parlor, she had no idea how to react. She asked him if the car had run out of gas—but no, they were in the right place. And just in time for his grandmother’s funeral!

He Needed the Support…

As the horrified woman told her friend later, the man confessed that he “just really needed someone to come to this thing with me.” To reiterate, the thing in question was a memorial service for his grandmother.

He was worried that she might not come if he told her the truth, hence the secrecy. But why was he so desperate to take a date to the funeral?

Dumped Last Month

It turns out that her date’s girlfriend had left him a few weeks before his grandmother died. And he hadn’t yet gotten around to telling his family that he was now single. They’d been looking forward to meeting “Emily,” and so he scrambled to find a replacement on Tinder.

She Stayed for the Whole Funeral!

As the worst Tinder date ever progressed, the woman saw no way out. People were crying—including her date. She didn’t have a ride home, and she felt weird about calling an Uber to a funeral home.

So she stayed and held the guy’s hand while he cried. In a romantic comedy, this would be the part where the couple discovered they were soulmates after all. Not so much in real life. She insisted that he take her home immediately after the service… and then spilled all the tea to her best friend.