Hilarious Dad Photoshops Kids’ Drawings to Bring Them to Life

A dad from London is delivering some of the most wholesome and hilarious internet content you’ve probably seen in a while.

A while back, Tom Curtis created an Instagram page called ‘Things I Have Drawn.’

“This is the Insta of Al and Dom, with a little help from their dad called Tom,” the page’s bio reads.


Basically, Tom turns his sons Al and Dom’s drawings into real-life renderings. And it. Is. Amazing.

The results of Tom’s efforts are usually very Picasso-like. Simple children’s drawings can be surprisingly awesome when you add a dash of realism and Photoshop magic!

‘Things I Have Drawn’

Tom also does the same hilarious artwork with other children’s drawings if they and their parents send them to him online.

There is something so wholesome and sweet about this whole project, and of course, it’s also hilarious as heck. I’m not judging – I, for one, used to draw humans as heads with legs. Most kids are hysterically bad at drawing, and that’s why this project is so amazing. And Tom Seems to understand the role his work plays in our hearts.

Scroll on for some examples of Tom’s incredible work.


Things I Have Drawn

That beak is pretty solid, huh? I also love how Tom takes the time to add gorgeous color and shockingly realistic detail. I get Dr. Seuss vibes.

Wildcat…I think?

Things I Have Drawn

This one is actually pretty cute. I wouldn’t mind owning a funky-looking cat like this as a pet!

The real ManBearPig

Things I Have Drawn

Oh, my goodness. I am so, so sorry for subjecting you to this one. Oh, no. This is going to haunt my nightmares.

Udder chaos

Things I Have Drawn

I am absolutely loving this cow, though the udders are creeping me out just a little bit.

If you have kids, you should totally ask if they want to send their drawings to Tom, Al, and Dom! You can direct message them on Instagram; just follow the family at @thingsihavedrawn.

You may even see your child’s drawing in a future edition of Tom’s hardcover book: “Things I Have Drawn: At the Zoo.” You can find this book for less than $10 over at Amazon!

You can also follow Tom on Twitter @iamtomcurtis.

Tom has been interviewed and showcased by Italian Vogue, Popsugar, Daily Mail, and many more. We hope he only continues to gain recognition so that he can produce more of this awesome art.