Hilarious Haunted House Reactions You Won’t Want to Miss!

If you’ve ever been to a haunted house, you know that they can be pretty lame. Guys dressed up in silly outfits, jumping out and trying to scare you? Alright, buddy, that stopped being scary when I was 5. However, there are a few haunted houses out there that are genuinely, seriously scary.

In these cases, we sincerely hope that the proprietors have their cameras on hand. After all, the only thing better than having the fire scared out of you is laughing about it later! Let’s check out the funniest haunted house reactions on the internet!

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Funniest Haunted House Reactions

Bored Panda

Here, we see a rather normal reaction to seeing something abjectly mortifying. Our guy on the right seems to be caught in the act of attempting to climb back in his shell like a turtle. On the left, we can see this young lady is trying to simultaneously pull her mother in closer and scramble up the wall. This is horror gold, people!’

Haunted House Conga Line

Runt of the Web
Halloween Alley

Here we have a series I’d like to call the Haunted House Conga line. This is what happens when you get scared so badly that you spontaneously break into everyone’s favorite party dance. If you’ve never been so scared that you started dancing like this, you really haven’t lived.

So Scared You’re Angry


Some people don’t just get scared, they get mad. This young man, for instance, is trying so hard to not look scared that he’s about to break his left thumb. Meanwhile, his date looks like she’s about to summon a Banshee with her wail.


Here, you can see the guy on the left is actively keeping his fleeing friend from leaving this mortal coil by holding on to his shirt. If you could bottle this fear-rage-strength combination, there are people who would pay to use it. Imagine how much you could get done with this kind of chaotic energy! Speaking of chaos…

Fear is Chaos

We like to pretend that we, as humans, have our stuff together. We think we’re so orderly, so well-organized into our little society. Then, something comes along and scares our pants off and reminds us that nature’s default is utter chaos and terror. Don’t believe us? Consult the following images.

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