Fun Facts About Money – Spending it Your Way

Money is one of the most wanted papers known to man. There are multiple ways of obtaining and spending money, but which one do you usually do?

Are you the type of person that does like to spend money without knowing where it came from or are you the type of person that doesn’t question or care?

Different Views of Money

A fun fact about money is that it is one of the dirtiest things a person can touch. In fact, it is actually dirtier than a household toilet and can sometimes be covered in real, actual cocaine.

Did you know that a common cold or even the flu can stay on money for up to 17 days? In the event you are in a rush and need to place your money somewhere, it is advised to not place your money in your mouth.

Whenever you see old bills or worn-out coins, what do you think usually happens? Well, money is actually recycled when worn out and used to make new coins and bills.

The bills are shredded and then recycled and sometimes made into fireplace logs.