Firefighter Feline Alerts Owner to Burning Slow Cooker

One Canadian man says his cat is a hero after his feline friend alerted him to a kitchen fire.

joey the cat
Scott White via CBC

It Was a Night Like Any Other, Until It Wasn’t

It probably seemed like a normal night for Scott White, who lives in Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s, a town in the Canadian province Newfoundland and Labrador.

Scott said he had put onions in a slow cooker to make jam and then went to sleep late, around midnight. It was only a few hours later that Scott’s cat became distressed.

At around 4:30 am, Joey (that’s Scott’s cat) started acting strange and woke up his owner. The cat, a shelter rescue, started purring and pacing around the bedroom. Joey even stood on Scott’s chest trying to get his attention.

“Usually, Joey doesn’t bother us when we sleep, but I could sense him pacing around the bed,” Scott told HuffPost. “And I woke up with a paw on my face.”

The cat’s unusual behavior made Scott think something might be wrong. When he got up, he saw that the kitchen was filling up with smoke. The slow cooker was on fire.

“We went to bed around midnight and it was fine,” Scott said of the slow cooker. “And then it wasn’t fine when Joey found it.”

“There was a lot of haze in the kitchen,” Scott said, but added that it hadn’t built up enough yet to set off the “fire alarm about 20 feet away.”

Joey’s Quick Action Prevented A Much Worse Scenario

Thanks to Joey’s quick actions, Scott was able to turn off the slow cooker and put it out before it became a full-on fire. His feline firefighter prevented what could have been a much worse incident.

Now, Joey has been getting a lot of extra attention and treats from Scott and his fiancée. They also received a “hero basket” donated to them as word about the cat spread around their small town.

However, Scott was a little baffled that Joey came to the rescue instead of his dog. Scott also has a 10-month-old puppy–who, as it turns out, isn’t as good of a watchdog as he had thought.

“The dog was always in the window growling at people, so we thought he’d be a good watchdog,” Scott said, but the pup slept through the entire incident.

“I guess we found out the real hero is the cat,” said Scott.

It looks like Joey’s owners will definitely pay attention the next time he acts up!