Facts: Does Having a Home Security System Make a Difference?

So you’re thinking about a home security system. That makes sense – you want to keep your family safe, and you’re looking at the sweet savings that is offered by your home insurance company if you do. For many people, the discount alone is enough to justify getting one. But if you’re still on the fence, you might be wondering: does a home security system actually help?

Surprisingly enough, yes. Yes it does! A study done by the FBI suggested that more than half of all break-ins are spur of the moment, a combination of the desire to commit a crime and the opportunity to do so.

Having a home security system decreased the likelihood of a house being targeted by as much as 80%. A sticker in the window, and a sign on the lawn, is enough to warn off those wanting to take advantage of you.

Is a home security system from ADT, or another brand, right for you? Maybe, maybe not – but it will help prevent break-ins before they even happen.