Eeriest Death Rituals from Around the World

You’re probably already aware that different cultures vary wildly in how they celebrate or grieve the death of their loved ones – but there are some that go far above and beyond anything you’d ever imagine!

Here are three of the most insanely bizarre death rituals that exist from around the globe:



When women found themselves widowed in India, they would often immolate themselves upon their deceased husband’s funeral pyre.  Although it is suggested that they do this via their own free will, it is believed that some are dragged into the fire.

The ritual is believed to have started to prevent having wives kill their wealthy husbands so that they could marry their real true loves.  Another belief involves the husband and wife wanting to enter the afterlife together.


There are some societies in Brazil and New Guinea who believe that the best way to respect the dead is by consuming them.  They have “feasts of the dead” as a way to build a bond between the land of the living and the dead.

It was considered a gesture of goodwill towards the friends and family of the deceased.

Viking Slave Girls

If you think women in India had it bad with the sati ritual, some Viking girls faced a far worse fate, for men they weren’t even married to.  When a Viking chieftain died, his body would be placed in a temporary grave for ten days.

While this time passed, a slave girl would be prepared to join him in the afterlife.  She was first given alcoholic drinks until she was highly intoxicated, and was then required to visit the tent of every man in the village, to have sex with them.

That’s not all!  After this was done, she then had to enter a tent to have sex with six additional men, which was followed by her being strangled to death with a rope – and then being stabbed by a village matriarch.

Afterward, she would be placed onto a wooden ship along with the chieftain, which was then set on fire.