Eerie True Stories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

scary true stories

They say that truth is stranger than fiction—and in this case, it’s more terrifying, too! Here are 4 absolutely true stories that are scarier than any horror movie.

The House with Dead Things in Its Walls

If you’ve ever seen a scary movie, then you know that buying an old house is a crapshoot. Will it be haunted, or just a money pit? For this unfortunate Pennsylvania couple, it was a little of Column A, a little of Column B. When they were replacing the insulation in their home, they discovered just about the most horrifying thing possible.

The walls of their house were stuffed with dozens of dead animals. And the animals didn’t find their way inside by accident—each one was wrapped in a newspaper dating from the 30s and 40s. Insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of removing the animals, so the family had to pay for it  out of their own pockets to the tune of about $20,000.

The couple contacted a local historian to find out why the previous owners would have done such a thing, and the expert suggested that it might be a traditional Dutch magic ritual to cure ailments. Like that somehow makes it less creepy.

Restricted Caller

Is this a case of a human stalker, a ghost in the machine, or AI gone rogue? In Washington state, a teenage girl’s phone began sending texts to the other family members. Then the phone calls started. The anonymous caller, referred to by the terrorized family as simply “Restricted,” would tell the family details about their lives that no one could possibly know.

Things escalated as Restricted threatened to cut their throats. When the family went to the police, the caller recorded their conversation with a detective and played it back to them in a nightmarish voicemail. The family insists that they aren’t making it up—and no one was ever able to figure out who was harassing them or how it was done.

A Time-Traveling Killer?

Let’s hop over to Birmingham, England, where a 20-year-old woman was abducted and murdered after attending a dance on the night of May 27. Her body was found the next day in Erdington Park, which is absolutely a tragedy. But here’s the kicker: This exact crime actually happened twice, 157 years apart!

The first victim—way back in 1817—was named Mary Ashford. The second was named Barbara Forrest, who died in 1974.

Oh, and they had one more thing in common… neither of their killers was ever found.

The Westfield Watcher

A family in Westfield, New Jersey, seemed to have it all when they moved into their newly purchased $1.3 million home. But then the letters started. They were from someone who called themselves “The Watcher,” who claimed to have asked the previous owners to bring him “young blood” in the form of the family’s children.

One of the letters asked, “Have they found what is in the walls yet? In time they will.” I got chills just typing that. The family eventually moved—and sued the previous homeowners, too.