Cardi B Used a Racial Slur to Describe Her Daughter and People Are Mad

The ever-outspoken Cardi B has made people mad once again after she described her daughter using a racial slur.

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That sounds shocking, but this is Cardi B we’re talking about – the same Cardi B who took to Instagram to deliver a monologue about her haters’ comments on her weight whilst wearing nothing but a bikini, heels, and a comically oversized bag on her arm.

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The “Press” and “Bodak Yellow” rapper doesn’t really have a filter. It was only a matter of time before she slipped up in this way. The good news is, though, it’s a learning moment for not just her, but any one of her millions of followers who also thought the racial slur she used is okay.

Cardi B’s Racial Slur Sparks Backlash

The drama began on Saturday, when Cardi posted a now-deleted photo of what her daughter with Offset, Kulture Kiari Cephus, might look like when she’s an adult. Kulture just celebrated her second birthday on July 10.

Cardi captioned the picture, “So, this how [Kulture] finna look? I love it.”

An Instagram user commented on the photo, “Nah bro how the efff do you mix you & @offsetyrn & get @hennessycarolina ??? I’m really stuck right now!”

We’re going to go ahead and assume that the hypothetically adult Kulture looked a lot like Cardi B’s younger sister, Hennessy Carolina.

Cardi responded to that comment, saying, “I think cause Hennessy got ch*nky eyes like offsett and so [does] KK. Its the only [thing] I could think [of.]”

Cardi B’s Slur Is Hateful to Asian People

Instagram users quickly called Cardi B out for using an adjective derived from the racial slur “ch*nk” to describe the look of her daughter and husband’s eyes.

“Ch*nk” is a derogatory, racist term that has long been used against people of Asian descent.

Many fans jumped to Cardi’s defense, saying that she wasn’t trying to be racist. But others pointed out that even if Cardi didn’t mean to be offensive, it will still offend people. There are many people of Asian descent for whom the word is triggering and hurtful.

Cardi deleted the Instagram post, then took to Twitter to respond to the backlash.

She wrote, “I didn’t know that ch*nky eyes was a slur like wtfff I DONT KNOW F*CKIN EVERYTHING !! We don’t even use that as a insult and I didn’t use it as a insult. I’m sick of the internet.”

Cardi B has since deleted her response Tweet as well. I can only hope she’s preparing a more thoughtful and thorough speech, perhaps one she can deliver with a bikini, heels, and a seriously gigantic bag on her arm. It’s the only way to closure.