Death Explained:  Creepy Facts That’ll Give You the Chills!

One truth in life is that one day you’ll no longer have that life, and what happens afterwards is kind of creepy and incredible all at the same time!

Even though these facts about death can be hard to read, it is still amazing to know that these things actually happen.


Your Body Starts to Eat Itself

You already know that your body has digestive enzymes that help break down the food that you eat, but did you know that after you die, those enzymes start to consume you?  Yep!  This happens during the process of decomposition, which starts about three days after your death.

Life Can Equal Death

Sadly enough, one of the top leading causes of death among younger women is giving birth to a child.  The vast majority of these cases happen in developing countries, and most of those could be avoided if the women had proper medical care.

Near Death Experiences are the Real Deal

These experiences do actually happen, but not in the way you might think.  When you get into a situation where you almost die, this can cause a flurry of signals to be sent to your brain.  This is usually a result of dopamine and a lack of oxygen.

Rigor Mortis

About three or four hours after a person dies, their body starts the process of rigor mortis – which makes it become stiff.  This is a result of chemical changes that start to occur about thirty six hours after death.  The muscles start to contract, which makes them harden.

Longer Hair and Nails

You’ve probably heard the myth that your hair and fingernails will continue to grow after you die, but this isn’t true.  What really happens is that they can appear longer thanks to the way your skin will start to dry out and contract over time.