Dad’s YouTube Offers “Practical Dadvice” for Everyday Tasks

Growing up, I got plenty of practical advice from my dad.

In fact, I’m still getting helpful advice and tips from my dad. Every time I need to know how to do something, I just shoot him a quick text or give him a call.

I know that I’m lucky for growing up with a cool dad who knows how to do a lot of stuff. But I also know that not everyone is so lucky.

Rob Kenney shows YouTube viewers how to do practical things like shaving a face
Rob Kenney/YouTube via boredpanda

Rob Kenney’s Upbringing Sparked Him to Do Better

That’s where Rob Kenney comes in.

See, Rob didn’t have the easiest life. His dad walked out on his family when Rob was entering his teen years.

His mom failed to cope with the stress of raising eight kids far away from her own family, and turned to alcohol.

There was a custody battle, and a restraining order. Rob said his dad was granted custody, “but he didn’t really want us.” His dad threatened foster care.

Eventually, Rob went to live with his older brother and his wife in a tiny mobile home.

An upbringing like that can have plenty of negative effects on a person, but I think it instilled something special in Rob. He promised himself he would not make the same mistakes his parents did.

My goal in my life was to raise good adults. I never wanted to be wealthy. I never wanted to be necessarily successful,” Rob explained in an interview with Shattered Magazine. “My goal in life was to raise good adults — not good children, but good adults — because I had a fractured childhood.”

Rob did just that. He and his wife raised two children who are now successful, well-adjusted adults.

Rob’s YouTube Channel is Full of “Dadvice”

Throughout the years, he picked up a lot of wisdom and practical know-how. I mean, that’s what good dads do, right? It’s the kind of knowledge that you don’t learn in schools.

Now, Rob has brought all those practical life lessons and advice to YouTube.

He now creates videos on the platform, with his clever motto: “Practical Dadvice for Everyday Tasks.” Excellent dad pun, Rob!

His channel is full of practical things you’d typically ask your dad about. It covers a variety of topics, like how to tie a tie, how to change a car’s oil, or how to unclog a sink.

If you ask me, these videos are exactly what the world needs.

Do you need some “dadvice” in your life? If so, check out Rob’s channel: Dad how do I?