Creepy Things That People Often Do That Make You Cringe

When we venture out in public, there are some really creepy things that we encounter on almost a daily basis.  It’s amazing what some people might think is totally normal or even somewhat acceptable.  Some of us have been pretty darned creepy ourselves without even realizing it!

Are you guilty of any of the following cringe-worthy actions?  Maybe reading this can help you avoid coming across as creepy to complete strangers!  Or even worse, people you actually know… you don’t want to be “that guy”.


Invading Personal Space

This happens more often than you might expect.  You’ll be looking at your computer in your office, and a co-worker leans in a little too close for comfort.  No one should ever be close enough that you can smell each other’s coffee breath.

It gets worse when they lean over to whisper into your ear, when you two are the only ones presents.  Totally unnecessary.

Accidentally Touching a Stranger’s Hands

You’ve probably been in this situation a few times already. You know, when you find yourself reaching for the same thing at the same time, and accidentally touching a stranger’s hand in the process.  Talk about awkward.

Tucking in a Stranger’s Shirt Tag

Some people let their personal annoyances take priority over what is socially acceptable.  Telling someone their tag is sticking out, or that they have lint on their clothing is one thing – but you should never reach out and actually touch a stranger without getting their approval first.

Please Don’t Stare

This one is especially shudder-worthy, and it happens to women the most.  When they glance at a guy and notice that they’ve given her the once over, with their eyes especially lingering on obvious areas.

Even worse, when they continue to stare directly into your eyes after they’d traveled your entire body.  Gross.

Too Close for Comfort in Bathrooms

I’m sure you’ve been victim to this one in the past!  When people decide to go all buddy-buddy in the bathroom while you’re mid-pee.  You might want to save the conversation for when you’re washing your hands after the fact, unless you’re really close friends who can handle that sort of intimacy.

Then again, that isn’t the worse bathroom offense.  If you’ve ever had someone make eye-contact with you from the spaces between bathroom stalls, you know exactly what I’m talking about.